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Are their any mumblrs over the age of 21?

not hating on teen moms or whatever but at 25 you all make me feel really old. 

no matter how independent you are or how “ready” or whatever there is no replacement for time spent on this planet dealing with day to day life.

what really sucks is that when i was 18/19 and getting married no one could tell me i didnt know what i was doing.

i was strong willed, out of the house, trying to take care of myself, struggling to manage multiple jobs and working on relationships for years prior to getting to the point of marriage.

my marriage didnt work out and i spent the next several years doing exactly what i had done before i got married. just made a little bit more money cause minimum wage went up and i was working 2-3 jobs instead of 1-2.


what i’m trying to say is that i have nothing but respect for people’s journeys in life. i’ve experienced a lot in my short amount of time on this planet and have no room to judge what others have gone through or are currently going through….

i’d just like to talk to someone who’s closer to were i am in life.

sometimes i just feel really alone. 

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    I’m 21!
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    26. I feel old just saying that.. ew. I actually wanted to start a family sooner but…well..didn’t meet hubby until just...
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    25 here
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    Why must you hurt me? I’m 38. I graduated high school before some of you were born.
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    34!! Ha! (Oh. Shoot. I just made myself feel really old.)
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    33 next month. I dare you to find someone older than me here.
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    Man I am so old. (31)
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    Don’t mind me.. I’m as old as dirt over here at 34.
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    Turning 25 in August.
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    I’ll be 25 in August!
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    I’m 22 :)
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    I’m 23 :)
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    23 :)
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    the—lovecats: 31!
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    I am 23! :)
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    30, but 15 at heart. ;)
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    Turning 32 in a few weeks; pregnant with our first!
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    I’m 24! I have one son who is almost 15 months and my I’m due next month with a baby girl!
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