Finished product!
It looks more green than it actually is but I really like it. Andrew loves it but still thinks black has been the best color I’ve worn. While we, Andrew, grandma noodle, and I, were looking at hair color at Sally’s Andrew spotted a lavender that he said might look nice and I think after this grows out ill try that….. Oh the possibilities!

The last picture was of Andrew and I out on our first real date without baby since she was born. We were really thankful to have Andrews mom watch penny for a few hours so we could go out and jut be us. It really did help to feel all the way human. We went to the mall and just walked around, stopped by put favorite thrift stores (ill post the loot soon) and had a beer at our our old regular spot after having coffee at a new place down the street from our place called “mud smith” oh! And sandwiches! Really good sandwiches at a place called Corner Market.

We both REALLY needed some times to be just us. We are each others everything and since baby it has been very hard to connect; we’re tired, and struggling to be happy about our little bundle of joy that screams and squeaks like a raptor when she is awake.

But she’s growing and being awake isn’t as painful; she looks at thing and faces and holds her head up and she’s starting to let out little coos instead of shrill sounds… We’ve even had a few smiles but I’ve only caught one which made me super cry.

Family and new baby life is hard. I knew it would be but no one ever ReALLY knows until that little sucker pops out and they have to live with a really really annoying roommate :p

  1. quixoticandbarefoot said: Looks great. We’re going to have the same color hair soon. I just ordered some bleach and teal dye the other day :-)
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